How to Heal and Transform?

How to Heal and Transform?

How to Heal and Transform?

Heal and Transform from within is like the process of a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly or a seed into a beautiful flower. Either process has its time and so does the process of learning unconditional Love to transform ourselves. Because I love music, here’s a song for you My way 

Three valuable steps in the process to Heal & Transform from within

  • Discover your own limiting beliefs, misconceived ideas, characteristics, and personality traits.
  • Unravel what you think of yourself, and be assured that you don’t become what others think of you- Thank God lol
  • Re-think all that you think you should be, should look like or should not be, or not look like, Just be you!

You are divine because you are you, with all your flaws – Rediscover yourself

We create beliefs that may well be very different from who we truly are at our core essence. Being whole includes our flows, failures, faults, and all. You need not apologize for not being perfect. why should anyone? Just Because…? is not a good enough answer. There is no need to regret being who we were either, in fact, we aren’t even everything we think we are anyway.

“The ‘next moment’ only happens when the one before is left behind so that the new can unfold for us”

What we think, envision, sense, and or perceive is carried or released, expressed or compressed, within or amongst ourselves,  through an invisible energy field. Pay attention to this…

To Heal, be Authentic

“Authenticity means we’re true to our emotions, own values, and spirit, regardless of the pressure that we’re under to act otherwise”. It means being honest with ‘self’ and also with others as a result. Authentic people take responsibility for their mistakes.

Heal and Transform

Who we´re and what we become is a by-product of our thoughts, emotions, belief systems, experiences, challenges, actions, etc. Life happens for us, not to us. I can not stress this enough.

By grasping this concept, we understand that we need not lie to ourselves or others, acceptance of taking ownership and responsibility for our actions is crucial to achieving the overall well-being that we seek. While what others say to us or about us maybe or not be relevant at times, the fact is that ultimately we are the choice makers.

We often repeat negative thoughts, and lie to ourselves so many times that eventually we believe the lies we tell ourselves; In fact, if we believe what we think, which we do pretty often, then our thoughts or beliefs are also only just ours not so? Not only do we judge and beat ourselves, but we’re also likely our hardest critics, as a result, we are a product of our own doing.

To Heal Be Mindful

What if, we begin minding and being more thoughtful, and careful with what we tell ourselves? Be mindful of your thoughts, and your Words. We become what we think. Words are the most powerful tool we have, they really can destroy our self-concept and that of others, since we attract more of what we do and say, say only what we mean. We have the choice of control, so what are you thinking and creating in your life right now?

Self-Love, Respect, and Forgiveness are my journeys, best friends. The best version of me depends on it, why do I resist, fight and fear Change then?

What are your fears? What is blocking you from moving forward?

Transformation from within


Self-care is a practice, practice it every day, every moment is a revelation and is forever evolving when we don’t resist that is, and so we either stagnate or soar. We know that we evolve when we change our thoughts, actions, and behavior towards ourselves, don’t we? So why resist and stagnate?

Furthermore when there is harmony energy flows effortlessly through our physical, mental, and emotional selves. When in synchronicity, connected communicating we know who we’re meant to be. We’re evolving human beings, not perfect ones.

Becoming one with ‘ body-mind-spirit is fulfilling and crucial for our wellbeing and contentment. The Journey is the opportunity itself. A potential that is meant to serve us. Transformation is lots of small changes that happen as we take action towards fulfilling our desires.

    Life is our creation – Transforming ourselves is matching the vibration of unconditional love

Do you underestimate the power that negative emotions and limiting beliefs have on you? 

We easily dismiss the power of small steps or small things, think about bacteria and viruses, for example, how small they are. They go undetected yet they have the power to wipe out millions and destroy economies, right?

Can anyone argue that we are not 100% authentic with ourselves? feelings? believes, likes, dislikes, and so on? Yet 99% of us know when we are not truthful to ourselves but choose to ignore it. This hurts us more than we realize and distorts our purpose.

At times we aren’t heard. We feel neglected, undermined, rejected, and judged, often we say Yes when No it is. We can only get what we have the courage to ask for. Are you a People pleaser? and so disserving yourself? I have been there and done it, and it is because it is so, that I can talk about it. 

For instance, don’t we go against ourselves to be accepted? to please others? be liked? don’t we go to any lengths to avoid conflict? However, it is often and precisely this very internal conflict that brings about discontentment and impacts us negatively on all levels. How many of us are not guilty of that?

To Heal Take responsibility for your wellbeing

It is up to each individual to free themselves and stop sacrificing their own essence in exchange for acknowledgment, worthiness, acceptance, and so on.

Healing is a decision just like one person can not stop eating for another to lose weight, no one else can transform nor change anything in your life for you. Only you can!

The sole responsibility to live a truthful, mindful, authentic life or not is on you. Blaming others is a sign of a lack of ownership and responsibility for our actions. Others are never truly responsible for absolutely nothing in your life – Only You are!

Grab and steer the wheel of your ship (life). Dedicate your time exploring all possibilities, and be the best you can be at navigating through the obstacles and challenges, but equally important is that whatever you do, you don´t settle for anything less than what you deserve.

       ‘YOU’ know what is beautiful? Read the first word again…

Transformation from within

Body, mind, and spirit co-exist, they are inter-linked ¨they are one” and connected! 

Have you noticed how we compartmentalize, body, mind, and spirit? interesting right? as if they were different entities, the body is the vessel, your thoughts influence your emotions and your body… Your physical and emotional hearts speak the language of the soul, they evolve together believe it or not. When out of synchronicity it manifests as dis-ease, we feel conflicted, confused, lost, faithless, fearful, lazy, and sick –  pretty much disconnected. Change is not losing anything it is, in fact, gaining everything when we do, it doesn’t just affect us, it affects also those around us as a ripple. “Your vibe attracts your tribe”

“If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.Abraham Maslow’s. Sadness, helplessness, anger, embarrassment, fear, frustration, disappointment, and guilt, are all well known to be the very same nails we hammer or have been hammering throughout our lives into ourselves.

Persevere living outside the bubble of judgment, to see and accept who you are. Aligning with whom we are now and are meant to be is to allow the divine being within express itself.

Leak your wounds and celebrate your divinity. This is time for your expansion, you’re being magnified so get to terms with it and be faithful to yourself, that is not being selfish, that is practicing self-Love

Are you ready for awesomeness?

You do likely know that we depend on good bacteria for good health? Furthermore, not all bacteria are bad. In the realm of thoughts, beliefs, and emotions are the same, drama, trauma, pain balance and harmony can also lead to fulfillment, great accomplishments, healings, miracles, and life changes.

Be Open and Welcome Change

What small changes do you need or can make today? Does your operating system require re-booting? update? restart? or recover? to run at its full potential towards the fulfillment of your desires? I encourage personal growth, that you let loose the God/Goddess within; Moreover let go of your mask, self-expression, creativity, and love be your guide.

Is transformation or change easy?

Who hasn’t experienced emotional pain in one way or another? Sometimes that pain takes forever to overcome too, often affecting entirely who we become. Aren’t we aware that it is never too late to change something, anything that no longer serves us?

  • There is nothing easy about digging old wounds to heal. Nothing of a kind is easy in this process, far from it.
  • acknowledging the need to heal
  • understanding what needs to be dealt with
  • shifting our perspective or views and forgiving

IT IS WORTH IT, let the past stay where it belongs, It is a personal choice to embrace the self-healing and transformational journey. Don’t allow irrational circumstances to inhibit your objectives – Be the observer.

Caterpillars do all the work so butterflies can show their beauty 

♥ I know you can, do YOU know it yourself? ♥

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Your pain does not have to define you but it can refine you” 

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Stay blessed, Stay put, in love, for love, with love & Sparkles for your amazingness!!

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Whispers from one Heart to another

Whispers from one Heart to another

Whispers from one Heart to another

Whispers from one Heart to another heart needing ground, to land on? Indulge in a moment of reflection if the subject is inviting for you. Because I love music here’s a link to a playlist to “read and listen”, relax, enjoy, and stay open-minded.  Spiritual Bazaar-Music for the Heart playlist.

So let’s just gently touch the surface of:

 Physical Vs Emotional Scars 

(Whispers from one Heart to another)

The physical aspect of us can be changed cosmetically, can be seen in the mirror, generally easy to ‘describe’, and these scars generally heal well and are mostly concealed anyhow.

With the scars of the heart – the emotional scars its a very different subject altogether, be it either inflicted upon us for no reason at all, as a result of our choices, or for any other reason altogether, either way, emotional scars are carried through a lifetime mostly always… yeah pretty much always and they do not fade even though most times they are not even visible.

The point is that it is alright to have dark moments, does not make us any more or less worth it, more or less special. While we cannot change the events of the past, we can certainly change the way we see them for our future from now onwards.

So now that we established that we each have our own share of scars and that, that is ok, how do you learn to live with them?

Whispers from one Heart to another

We do not get over, forget or move on per see from their causes – for they don’t just vanish. We make space for it. We carry it, and learn to live with it – depending on the lenses through which we choose to see it all through, we strive in spite of it!

How do we live with emotional scars?  

“Every dark moment is a teacher”  read again…

“The only time, we can change the future is in the present” 

When I conscientiously, and intentionally began my journey of seeking personal change & growth everything began changing including me. It is astounding to discover what I’ve become as a result.

Seeking personal change, emotional intelligence, and  or growth is for everyone, it is not a special call of some sort and not only it is that simple, but it is also that easy. It is a choice that follows by a decision and a plan of action.

We create life with the future in mind, one day at a time, often mindlessly forgetting to be in the present, this  “is” what becomes of our reality… then future thoughts become past thoughts, then again, and again in a loop that repeats itself

 In truth, life happens here and now. This awareness opens the windows of the soul.

Becoming aware of the idea that we live life looking at the rearview mirror, enlightens us to understand how we live the present, in order to change the future. Finding that it is all at my will was mind-blowing (I knew it before most likely but it was like I was on autopilot) hence not with the same dept, I’d not seen it from that perspective or in that light, at least not up until then.

See, when I started learning that life may well boil down to what we create for ourselves, I realize I had some sort of control to choose and decided to act upon it, only that at this time mindfully so, or more carefully and considerately at least.

I was astounded to discover that, as simple as it sounds it is up to us how and when to steer the wheel, and where I want to sail. The question became what was I going to focus on next? where was I heading? even if sort of aimlessly at first. So I began in the direction of my dreams and desires. I kept testing this idea or theory, and still do as every now and then we take the wrong turn here and there and need to look into it, the further I went the better I became…  This is how we navigate through our human experience

  • When the mind’s focus is on what happened to you, you become what happened to you because you let it define who you are.
  • When you navigate behind your dreams and desires, you dim your light and your potential.
  • When you survive instead of striving, you become a victim of the story you tell yourself and others, (let me tell you, we can make up some real stories alright)
  • When all you do is regurgitate all the sorrow about your existence, you claim more poverty of all kinds, emotional, physical, and spiritual. Like attracts like.
  • When you give wings to your imagination, dam we can fly pretty high in whichever direction that may be, good to your benefit or bad to your detriment. The effort is the same so why not do so to your benefit rather?

Who do you want to be? Go, be it! No one’s holding you back… but yourself.


“Stop walking through the world, looking for confirmation that you don’t belong” if you look for sorrow, inadequacies, your shortcomings and a poor existence, that is what you will get more of, believe me, you.

Grab every opportunity to build and pursue your dreams. Who do you want to become? be it! you have the choice isn’t that Awesome?

  • When you shift your focus from the pain of your scars so does the focus on the past, and your shadows shift, and you start living in the present, which automatically changes your future too, and further live by this default. I did it works! changing becomes effortless. This is the healing process. 

The past cannot be changed. The idea of personally or internally being ok with my scars in order to move on, sounded insane and pathetic at times, needless to say, that forgiveness is a module that cannot be skipped during this growth and transformation process. Forgiveness and others like gratitude, honesty, and so on have to be practiced and it becomes a companion throughout life’s journey till the day we die. The longer practiced the better and easier it becomes.

Finding within yourself a way of seeing it as such is the goal, otherwise, we stay stuck in the void, paralyzed and frozen in time and looping in circles trying to understand why it happened to you, wishing it never did, hopelessly in fear that it could happen again… building up walls, defenses as protection mechanisms (a long hard road I can tell that much), and a bottomless pit.

We do know that there is no turning back and so wishing it never happened isn’t a helpful approach at all, not in the long run anyway; It is not about the perpetrators either, nor the reasons for why it happened to us – no one ever deserves to be hurt, disrespected, mistreated, or in any way abused in the hands of another human. Therefore, it is what it is. It happened and we cannot change that fact, what changed? how I felt about it.

So, this is how you live with your scars, they will be there, however not as a reminder of pain, but as teachers and remembrance of the worrier that you are, for healing purposes.

So, I ask you, what are you focusing on, in your life?

Home is wherever the Heart is...

Spotting my ground before landing, whenever life takes an unexpected turn has always required, seeing and being myself worthy, deserving, and belonging to evolve and manifest my desires

When in lack of any one of the above I could not see the light and could not feel the rays of Love energy either, not because it ceased to exist within me as is an endless source for you, for me, and anyone but because I was on my own way.

The job of the Heart chakra, wheel, or energy center is endlessly channeling unconditional universal love, that encompasses all there is in this regard or any other that concerns our species. We either tap on it or block it, consciously or not. When I became aware, I also became fond of the idea of learning to be its essence! Loved. Loving, in-love… simply ” Being”.

The choice and decision to embrace it include validation of one’s emotions.  look inwards in search of truth, my heart chakra is the conduit available to me and to all of us. When we let the ego get in the way, we break up the signal of this connection, the guidance ‘we get on our own way’ and lost.

Every time we experience the field of love light radiating, we realize how closed, and disconnected we become throughout life.

As in waking up from a dream, you cannot figure how long it went on for… how long did I kept it going, enabled it, my role, or for how long I’d been disabled from radiating the love to, from & through me, yet the channel was always there?

None of this is a matter of logic, nor matters of the mind, but the heart- Sense of Knowing, emotions, intuition – When it comes to such matters, the mind gets more in the way than it actually really helps.

Only Self-Love heals emotional wounds

Our answers hold the insight for the transformation that we desire 

Questioning ourselves however challenging and awkward it may feel is the way to get the answers we want from our hearts, questions are the triggers that spark Self-healing, Self-Love, and Emotional Intelligence.

Talk to your heart, in silence … then listen to your heart’s reply.

This ANCIENT Technique to Making Tough Decisions | Gregg Braden – listen to it here is so simple, yet so powerful.

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