Talks that matter

Talks that matter is a selection, compilation into various playlists linked here for you, these are made with ‘Great Care & Love’ for your self-connection journey.


Motivational speeches, audiobooks, etc, that I’ve come across during my own journey, a collection with a “collective in mind”. If or when it does not resonate with you, it is fine…the point is that you find your tune!

Everything that is being discussed, being done, talked about, or thought about, or dealt with is for the highest good of all.


The Simplest Way to Enlightenment                           by  Sadhguru 

If I Die Today                                                                     by Fearless Soul

The captain of your faith, the master of your Soul    by Oprah Winfrey

Only 3 things                                                                     by Oprah Winfrey

Are You Ready For You                                                   by Michael B. Beckwith 

7 Things I Need To Tell You About Life                       by Fearless Soul

Soul Development Inspirational Talk     by Michael B.Beckwith (Stages of the Soul)

Science tools for everyday life                 by  Prof. A. Huberman

Have the Courage to Stand Alone                        by Brené Brown           (Find True Belonging)

Each title/link directs you to the “door of so many possibilities”,  Spiritual Bazar  (Youtube) Playlists that I compile for you. I believe they carry messages so perfectly that I can not, I can not just pass by them, and not share them with the world.

Stay blessed, Stay put, in love, for love, with love & Sparkles for your amazingness!!

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