Spiritual Bazar – Playlists 1 stop to get going

Spiritual Bazar – Playlists

Spiritual Bazar – Playlists is a collection of assorted videos, music, healing meditations, speeches, and so on that I’ve selected over time.

The “Spiritual Bazar – (various playlists)” is compiled from the work being created out there and by the most fabulous souls. People that care to share. Some are for your enjoyment, others may be to your benefit, perhaps to your transformation, self-healing journey or merely to explore different material than that, of what you are used to and broaden your horizons.

            Spiritual Bazar – Playlists                 1 stop to get going

Considering the purpose, content that this website is intended to offer, the insight is that there is more to it always. There is the little more here and there, little further, little better, and endlessly more, or as much as we allow ourselves to be or evolve.

Being able to see past the blinds we wear, no matter what or how many reasons we have not to. We all have that which is needed to evolve be it spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and or physically. All forms of transformation are beyond the idealizations we create.

We learn from challenges presented to us, in so many ways for different reasons, needs or wants, likes or dislikes, as each individual experiences life in a unique and with a different purpose too. Some teachings resonate, others don’t. Enjoy what resonates with you, and simply ignore what doesn’t.

These playlists are either relevant to the posts, content or not but nonetheless collected so that the readers can expand their views and explore different horizons. 1 stop to go for all, in this regard is an introduction to many concepts that underline our day-to-day, past, present, and possible future experiences.

Enjoy, feel free to recommend, share, and or comment, alternatively imbox me with suggestions, your thoughts, feelings, views, opinions are important for me.

Stay blessed, Stay put, in love, for love, with love & Sparkles for your amazingness!!


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