Is Giving a Blessing in disguise?

Is Giving a Blessing in disguise?

When is Giving a Blessing in disguise? Everyone has something to give! I am always changing a song for you if you’d like to read while listening to it. Enjoy 😉

Every one of us has life challenges, and experiences of some sort. We all have a lot to share that can help others, yet we hold back because we think that if our own life isn’t perfect, what would we have to share? Yet it is because our life is not perfect that we have so much to share. Have you ever stopped a minute or two to just think about that?

Isn’t life essentially a journey of growth and development, that each of us embarks on? Different paths lead to different outcomes. There are, of course, similarities that individual journeys share with one another; Everyone’s Life is a journey, an evolution, and a remembrance of some sort, it just is. 

There are people out there looking for exactly what we have to offer. We CAN help an individual not because we have money or possessions we can help because we don’t have to be perfect for our light to shine bright! Nobody has it completely perfect. Even the people you think do, don’t. Your gifts are needed! Everyone has something to offer, everyone.

Why Is Giving a Blessing and a gift?

There is no such as a perfectly perfect life, there are perfect imperfections, as I like to call them.  That is precisely the most valuable of all gifts. Your heart is blessed when you’re humble, vulnerable, and share your experiences. Everyone has an encouraging story with the potential to lift and motivate someone else that is going through a similar storm that we’ve been through, at some point in our life.

Without darkness, there’s no light, when we strive for anything better without an option,  we escape misery, then truth keeps us moving through and investing ourselves to expand, grow and evolve, regardless of how much we have accomplished in life. The experience we accumulate through challenges and ordeals is proof that we learn to navigate storms because we have had to sail, it is what we learn in the process from darkness to light that is the essence of such a gift. That is the gift.

When Is Giving a Blessing?

When we “Hold the hands of those that are just a few steps behind you, up to your level and vibration and as you keep ascending, keep pulling them up along with you” (Simone Hodgin), this is the gift that we of course have, and can always be shared to elevate, lighten others. When we open the channel and vibrate the energy of our heart in turn the universe attracts the beautiful souls that are looking for what we have…  can, and want to give or share. The universe leads them to find us. I promise you; it sure does, and it is then how the giver receives too ten times fold Hence the blessing Is mutual for both the giver and the receiver

The author of the Book ‘Brave’ Livia Terra does that, if you would like to see the first pages check the Amazon link, the best $5 dollars anyone could ever spend, it’s also a gift literally.

Why I am talking about this…

(Blessing in disguise)

It took me long enough time to realize that it is from the hardest, hurtful soul-ripping, and tearing experiences at times that we inevitably, unequivocally gain the most valuable of all ‘Gifts’. It is when we can look at all the changes that happened to us from different lenses and perspectives that we discover our blessings!

It is never ‘for’ self-detriment or ‘in’ self- detriment that we have to go through such, nor as with a purpose of destruction of any kind. Pain and hurt are our Masters, choose to see them differently. Be certain that it is always and certainly for our growth, there is wisdom in every difficult experience to help us connect the dots. We either see it this way or we don’t, but we can at any time make the choice to do so.

When we choose to see challenging adversities this way, we are automatically equipped to change patterns and directions, and transform spiritually and emotionally. This way we have the potential to live a peaceful loving and content life.  As weird as it sounds trust me, all the bad has a good value and brings a life-changing opportunity. However, none of it feels this way when we look at it through the lenses and perspective of a victim.

 “You never know the divine plan. There is intelligence out there that is looking out for you even if it may not look like it at the time you are going through it. As long as you do your part in processing what is coming up, every bad day is a healing day”. Every hard situation is a healing situation… Trust! ” Livia Terra author of the book “Brave

Here is another excerpt from Dr. Sue Mortar’s e-book…

“Hey, whatever is going on in my world, it’s in my favor and it’s here to show me how “big” I truly am…

  • If I lose a job, maybe it’s because that job was never going to allow me to express my fullness as
    a Soulful Self here in this life the way that I’m intended to.
  • If I lose a relationship or it appears that I’m losing something, it is because of the energetics of that
    dynamic is no longer serving me.
  • If something is rejecting me, it is because the universe is intervening and saying, ‘No thank you.
    That’s not your path.

You can start to claim this disposition of recognizing that every single thing that occurs in your life is in support of you. It is a change in your perspective that will change every single aspect of your day, your year, your decade, and your entire lifetime.”

  • When we are grateful for the tough and the worst lessons we’ve lived through in our personal life and experience;
  • When we believe that it happens the way it does for our highest good, we can then keep showing up and shining our light!

What changes? everything!

We see, feel, think and live life differently from that point – this is why I am talking about this, to experience contentment, happiness, love and so on, this is certainly a guaranteed way to start. This way of thinking has turned my life around, just as Dr Sue and Livia Terra ‘say’.

From my heart to yours, what have you got to lose by experimenting with life for a while with this mind?

I know what it did for me, I have and still practice this every day. Thinking this way helps me every time again and again.

Below I will add the links that will take you to Brave Livia Terra’s book and Dr. Sue’s download page, I wish I had read it, or that I knew just that much… much earlier in my life. Lol, don’t we all?

Why does making a difference – matter?

(Giving is itself what makes the difference)

Why does making a difference, sharing, or giving matter? is so important? Many believe and I certainly do too because I’ve experienced that receiving is great! BUT Giving is Divine.

It is not ‘what’ we give per see that matters it is the “intention we hold” rather… and vibrate “that is the difference between being in giving mode, expecting mode, or receiving mode!

When we live to make a difference, we co-habit in that space of the heart that’s tuned to truth and the most authentic and pure frequency of acceptance and surrender.  The frequency of Love is the most powerful vibration.

Divine is the one that gives unconditionally

(expect nothing in return)

When a gift is sincere, from the heart the effect is amplified and vibrates within us way before it reaches the recipient. That is the effect that the connections between sharing/giving ~ receiving/sharing have, in the way that makes giving really magical to our inner-self, the inward and within ourselves miracle that manifests when it is then offered to another outwardly, free of attachments, unconditional. Just as we would describe unconditional Love.

If you think you have nothing to give because all you have received was shit, then now is the perfect time for a change of mind, a change of heart – because it is now that you *get to know better* the time to understand and experience it.

Love is the most powerful Vibration

The value of giving unconditionally is in the experience we provide to everyone that comes our way, be it for a reason, a season, or for a lifetime.

Sometimes we attract directly or indirectly those that need our gift or at times they come into our path through a crossroad, coincidences, or synchronicities somehow.  Other times people merely bump into us and just a smile makes the difference; Such a word someone needed to hear; A chair we vacate to offer a cripple or anyone, simply just because they need more than we do, like helping an elderly cross the street for example.

The gifts that matter most are those that make the biggest difference and we never knew they would;

It is why they are divine, the simplistic gestures may well be a matter of life and death, and they may look and sound ordinary, mundane yet the source of a beautiful exchange nonetheless.

It is key to acknowledge that what happens to us, has a bigger purpose, even if we do not understand it at first, receive it, it is the kinda gift that passes on the human legacy and experience, this is when giving and receiving, happen at once, simultaneously.

“If you can turn any bad situation into a healing session, you grow exponentially”

by Livia Terra (source: book “Brave”)


In order to make it happen, in order for it to happen, practice gratitude, humbleness, generosity, kindness, and vulnerability like you would a sport, yoga, or meditation. It is safe.

The expectation of getting something in return is a dead end.


I am talking about the energetic field your heart taps into and the act of giving and receiving are one and the same hence the gift itself is both for the giver, and receiver, pure, raises our vibration which in turn floods the heart with tingling sensations, the popular say feeling butterflies in your belly.

It is from that space in my heart that I am here sharing with you this gift.

” I will always have one foot in gratitude, and I will always have the other foot stepping into desire- Always”

by Simone Hodgins.

I wish nothing less for you, I do want just this for you too because my purpose is to hold every hand I can, and wish that every hand I hold goes onto holding more hands themselves.  It is a gift we can share with one another, and as we keep ascending, more get to experience the gift of inspiration and liberation! I invite you to deposit love into your emotional bank account so there is more to give one another.

Like Simone says keep one foot in gratitude and the other in your desire, for as long as we desire to share the heart’s message, we too shall live in gratitude.

As promised:

Book Brave by Livia Terra: If you want to check it out or purchase it, click here (I absolutely loved reading this book – Magnificent! for $ five dollars? It is a GIFT!! far more valuable than 5 dollars, that is a fact.

Then subscribe to download Dr. Sue Mortar’s free ebook The Top 3 Mistakes That Keep You from Fulfilment & Flow. (Available for free for a limited time.) Note that at the bottom of the same page, you can also reserve your seat absolutely free for her upcoming 90-Minute Online Webinar about the 3 Secrets to Syncing Up Your Super Powers: How to experience the happiness, vibrant health, love, the fulfillment you deserve in 2021 also by Dr. Sue Mortar I enjoyed it and I have a feeling, you will too.

Stay blessed, Stay put, in love, for love, with love & Sparkles for your amazingness!!

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  1. This was so beautiful to read, and I totally agree that often times we don’t realise that we do have gifts! And that they can be so helpful to help others on their journey. Me personally, over the years I’ve discovered my gift of writing and also with things like astrology and I have managed to help so many people with offering birth chart readings. The gift of giving is also no always a financial thing, the gift of giving someone the time of day, literally can help some one in ways you’d not even imagine. What an uplifting article , thanks so much for sharing it’s very encouraging.

    • Thank you Kae, you are so right, the gift of our presence( being there for someone)  is the best gift we can give anyone. I thank you for your work too. Stay blessed

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