Transformation from within

The Transformation from within is like a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly or a seed into a beautiful flower. Either process has its time and so does the process of change or Transformation from within.

Three valuable steps in the process of Transformation from within

  • Discover your own limiting beliefs, misconceived ideas, characteristics, personality traits.
  • Expose what you think of yourself, and your perception about what others think of you.
  • Uncover what you think you should be, should look or should not be, or not look like.

Ultimately, we create the believes that surround us as well as others, and these may well be very different from who we really are at our core essence.

Being whole includes our flows, failures, falling all that, moreover, that is all that it is about, I don’t apologize for not being perfect? why should anyone?

It is equally important that we do not regret being who we are, in fact, we aren’t even everything we think we are anyway.

“The ‘next moment’ only happens when the one before is left behind so that the new can unfold for us”.

What we think, envision, sense, and or perceive is carried or released, expressed or compressed, within or amongst ourselves,  through an invisible energy field.

Without Authenticity, there is no Transformation from within

“Authenticity means we’re true to our own personality, values, and spirit, regardless of the pressure that we’re under to act otherwise”. It means being honest with ‘self’ and also with others as a result. Authentic people take responsibility for their mistakes.


Who we´re and what we become is a by-product of our thoughts, views, emotions, belief systems, experiences, challenges, actions, etc.

When we grasp this concept, we consequently also understand that taking ownership and responsibility for our actions is crucial to achieving the overall well-being that we seek. While what others say to us or about us maybe or not be relevant at times, the fact is that ultimately we are the choice makers.

We often repeat negative thoughts, lie to ourselves so many times that eventually we believe them; In fact, if we believe what we think, which we do pretty often, then the choice when it comes to our thoughts or believes is also only just ours right !? Not only do we judge and beat ourselves, but we’re also likely our hardest critics, as a result, we are a product of our own doing.

Mindfulness is Transformation from within

What if, we begin minding and being more thoughtful, careful with what we tell ourselves via our internal thoughts, as well as others via our Words?

Since we have the choice of control, then what are you thinking and creating in your life right now?

Self-Love, Respect, Forgiveness are my best friends in my journey, the best version of me depends on it, why do I resist, fight and fear Change then?

What are your fears? What is blocking you from moving forward?

Transformation from within

Patience, gratitude, self-love, care, generosity, humbleness each is a practice on its own. Often we’re excellent at some of those qualities yet there is always more to learn and practice every day as every moment is a revelation and evolves constantly. We know that we evolve when we change our thoughts, actions, behavior towards others and ourselves, don’t we?

Furthermore when there is harmony energy flows effortlessly through our physical, mental, and emotional selves. When in synchronicity, connected communicating we know who we’re meant to be. We’re evolving human beings, not perfect ones.

Becoming one with ‘ body-mind-spirit is fulfilling and crucial for our wellbeing and contentment. The Journey is the opportunity itself. A potential that is meant to serve us, in our favor not to our detriment. Transformation is lots of small changes that happen as we take action towards fulfilling our desires.

    Life is our creation – Transformation from within is where it begins

Do you underestimate the power that negative emotions and limiting beliefs have on you? 

Can anyone argue that we are not 100% authentic with ourselves? with our feelings? believes, likes, dislikes, and so on?

At times we aren’t heard. We feel neglected, undermined, rejected, judged, often we say Yes when No it is. We can only get what we have the courage to ask for.

For instance, we go against our own beings to be accepted, to please others. We go to any lengths to avoid conflict and be liked. Cause of the internal conflict, discontentment, illness that not only-but also impacts us negatively in all levels. How many of us are not guilty of that?

The transformation from within = Take responsibility

It is up to each individual to free themselves and stop sacrificing their own essence in exchange for acknowledgment, worthiness, acceptance, and so on.

The sole responsibility to live a truthful, mindful, authentic life or not is on you. Blaming others is a sign of a lack of ownership and responsibility for our actions.

Grab and steer the wheel of your ship (life). Dedicate your time exploring all possibilities, be the best you can be at navigating through the obstacles and challenges, but equally important is that whatever you do, don´t settle for anything less than what you deserve.

       ‘YOU’ know what is beautiful? Read the first word again…

Transformation from within

Have you noticed how we compartmentalize, body, mind, and spirit? interesting right? the thought or memory, of the past events and experiences we´ve lived, bring up emotions… so one does not exist without the other, they evolve together believe it or not.

Body, mind, spirit co-exist, they are inter-linked ¨as one” and connected! 

We go through life conflicted, confused, lost, faithless, fearful pretty much disconnected. Fear is paralyzing and handicapping if you think of it. Change is not losing anything it is in fact gaining.

Change is evolving as Transformation is from within

Persevere living outside the bubble of judgment, to see and accept who you are. Aligning with whom we’re and have been meant to be all along ‘a divine being’. Leak all your wounds but remember to always celebrate your divinity as is.

“If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.” This is a famous quote by Abraham Maslow

Sadness, helplessness, anger, embarrassment, fear, frustration, disappointment, guilt, again and again, are all well known as to be the very same nails we hammer or have been hammering throughout our lives into ourselves?

The transformation from within means appreciating the little things about yourself

We easily dismiss the power of small steps or small things, think about bacteria and viruses, for example, see how small they are? they go undetected yet they have the power to wipe out millions and destroy economies, right?

Are you ready for awesomeness?

It is also in the small and Insignificant gestures, attitudes, demeanor in which we do, see, or think about others and ourselves that we either give away or reclaim our power.

You do likely know that we depend on good bacteria for good health? Furthermore, not all bacteria are bad. In the realm of thoughts, beliefs, emotions are the same, drama, trauma, pain balance and harmony can also lead to fulfillment, great accomplishments, healings, miracles, and life changes.

Be Open and Welcome Change

What small changes do you need or can make today? Does your operating system require re-booting? updating? and or recovering to run at its full potential towards the fulfillment of your desires? I encourage personal growth, that you let loose the God/Goddess within; Moreover let go of your mask, to finally not only but also let self-expression, creativity, love be your guide.

Is transformation easy?

Who hasn’t experienced emotional pain in one way or another for example? Sometimes that pain takes forever to overcome too, often affecting entirely who we become. Aren’t we aware that it is never too late to change something, anything that no longer serves us?

  • There is nothing easy about digging old wounds to heal. Nothing of a kind is easy in this process, far from it.
  • acknowledging the need to heal
  • understanding what needs to be dealt with
  • shifting our perspective or views and forgiving

IT IS WORTH IT, let the past become the past, no victims, no hostages – It is a personal choice to embrace the self-healing and transformational journey.

¨Observe¨ all your miseries, what part of it defines you?  Let your healing process begin.

Transformation from within

Reminder: You do not have to do it alone. This website is intended to guide you. I would love you to find your path and enjoy your journey.

Healing is a decision just like one person can not stop eating for another to lose weight, no one else can transform nor change anything in your life for you. Only you can! In fact, I know you can however do YOU know it yourself?

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Stay blessed, Stay put, in love, for love, with love & Sparkles for your amazingness!!

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