Life Happens for you

Life Happens for you

Life happens for you all the time whether you want to help yourself or not. Your potential is always at your hands’ reach. Life happens for you to evolve mentally and spiritually and so both positive and negative are necessary for the journey, that it is.

Let’s talk about healing the heart, and  so let me ask you:

  • What are you harvesting from your life?
  • Where have you been storing your crop (emotions)?
  • Are you reaping what you planted?
  • What did you reap? or better said, ” what did you plant”? Are you satisfied?

Did you get something beneficial, meaningful from when your existence began, to right now… after all we reap as consequences of our actions or lack of it for that matter.

This is not a matter of how hard or if you tried at all as I bet you’ve always tried and have tried very hard, This is to bring to light the emotions that we usually disassociate ourselves for the most various reasons. It is the accumulation of these that we overload our emotional bank account.

Life Happens for you: Emotional Investment

Life has that facet too, but when we invest we reap the benefits of that investment.  Now talking about your emotional life investment, what are the benefits you’re reaping from that investment?

You hold the power, it is you that choose if you want to plant a new crop, and therefore decide to make a new investment or not, just as you reap the benefits or not, one is proportional to the other. Everything you choose to do and be from now on… it is up to you, only you owe it to yourself, seriously nobody could even if they tried very hard make you happy, just as you could not make anyone else happy,  you can not be responsible for anyone’s mental stability, nor for their joy,  contentment nonetheless their happiness. When we become conscious of our ways and behaviors we can change them.

Life Happens for you when you live towards becoming the best version of you

Life Happens for you

Whatever that version is, is the one you create and therefore live it. From this point on, you can no longer pretend that you did not know ‘that you have the choice’ because now… you know you do.

  • What do you want to plant forward?
  • What do you want to get more of?

That is entirely your choice… I’m not saying what is or is not good here, right or wrong, it is whatever you want it to be, but with the condition that it should make you, content, in peace, serene, enjoying life, on your own terms for as long as you enjoy it! if you can imagine it, you can make it real… and you feel it. We each have the answer,  in the mind, and heart… Screwing up is common and ordinary, we get over it.

Can we invest in Shame, Guilt, and Self-criticism and expect to reap Pride, Confidence,  joy, or self-worth?

Change begins when you know Life Happens for you, not to you.

We don’t have to be or feel miserable for a lifetime,

We just have to go about it differently.

Self-respect, Truth, Authenticity, Loyalty, Forgiveness, Vulnerability are all part of what it means to  Love yourself.  When you love who you are, you can not hurt yourself. A kind relationship is what you want with yourself, plant it and you shall reap more of it. Wanting to help yourself is being mindful that opening the door to your awakening is an investment to self-growth.


Everything else is a diversity of blame, let it be a reminder that we can see and recognize our own divinity.  Divinity is a gift that is granted to all of us, it does not depend on whether we deserve it or not. Take the chance to see this, let go of pretending that the life you want is too far from your grasp.  Dull people, good people, bad people, and whatever other stereotypes are just labels. The focus should be instead on you, not the judgment, the focus should be on what you want more of and desire and not on what you don’t have. Inner divinity itself has the same potential for you, and everyone else that chooses it.

Life Happens for you

You do not need to deserve to see yourself in a better light! You do not need permission to like and grow fonder of yourself.  To reclaim, recognize yourself amidst your Greatness,  all you need is to stop denying it to yourself.

How bad your experience has been and how horrific, traumatic the ordeals and dramas you have had, all of it matters, by all means. I respect that and take my hat off to you. I sympathize, I hear you.

You matter, your life matter, the message, your footprints shall perpetuate your legacy. You don’t need to be special to count or matter, your experience in life is the story you tell and you are the treasure itself.

How do you plan to go from here on? now that you’ve come this far, it does not matter “the point per see” that point is anywhere, wherever you are at, it is here and now, how do you choose to engage with yourself from here and now onwards?  How absurd would it be after all that now, after everything you have been through, everything! and then choose to rather let it destroy you? Does not make sense right? The purpose of all the ordeals we go through is to strengthen us.

“Healing is being grateful for “the past”  because from 


today you can decide to be the one that makes everybody feel like somebody” 

The way you show up is the way you share your past experiences with others, it is your truth, you have been there, and you have lived it, nothing can wipe it out nor can you pretend it never happened – that I am afraid you have no power over.

The power is on the story that you carry about yourself for others.

The value is that you figured a way to survive through it, and became stronger than you were before the experience.

The purpose is to share in honor of your experience for the benefit of others.

The message in – lieu of your failures is the gift you have to give proudly and freely. You can make a difference one life at a time. When you carry lessons forward instead of burdens from the past,  you live lighter more grateful allowing exponentially more of what you desire to manifest into your life.

I believe we must allow self-time to process the past, grief, and heal the wounds. It is a must however to remember that stagnation is not an option.  The cycle can only end when we let go of what no longer serves us.

The story we write holds the power, the script becomes the value it can add to others’ life,  overcoming the fear of being vulnerable is healing because now you can pass on the formula you’ve learned,  and so you shine. When you help others shine, your light shines brighter.

My beauty is the difference I make when I enlighten someone else through their journey because I have been there. That is the line between living a great life or a miserable one. That is the line between your internal dialogue to success or failure, you are deserving of who you desire to become.

Life happens for you

 And PLeases where it goes

Going further be easy on yourself, practice not beating yourself or at least not too hard, to begin with, be kind, generous, loving to yourself just as you are with others.

The journey may be a long one, or not, depend on how deep you’ve rooted your limiting beliefs,  how willing and committed you are to ” your healing process” while connecting body, mind, and spirit. It requires strength, focus, determination, sometimes it requires more than you thought you could ever handle! Yet you did. The success of this process relies on your perseverance.

When you are serious and committed to healing you empower yourself and learn the meaning to want to help yourself and others.

Healing your heart (emotions)  is to uplift yourself, it is to become a free spirit, joyful emotionally, and mentally. It is to show up in your own life as your best friend.  My experience proved to me over and over again that no one can help anyone UNLESS help is what they choose for themselves.

If none of that is what you want, or not just YET, or you need a while longer to leek your wounds that is ok too. I want you to know that however long it takes up until you are ready, you are not alone.

It is bad to decay, destroy and not care for ourselves when it is a matter of choice. However, keep in mind that it is more so cruel for those that love us, yet have to watch us, no one deserves to witness that, and neither should you!

I hope you can honestly say ‘ I have the life I envisioned for myself, I am going to show up to the universe, humble to learn what I need to learn and my story is glorious. My story is faithful to my truth!

Life Happens for you

I wish that for you, from this moment on…

“Some people believe that life is happening to them, and because of this, they get weighed down when something bad happens,” as Tony says “Other people believe that life is happening for them and that each incident — good or bad — is shaping them into the person they’re meant to become. Which one would you rather be? If it’s the latter, it’s time to change your mindset.” Written by David Meerman Scott on January 9th, 2019

I highly recommend the “You are a Badass” audiobook by Jen Sincero for free  Spiritual Bazar – audiobooks Playlist enjoy it if you wish.

It is the resistance to change that makes us suffer.

Stay blessed, Stay put, in love, for love, with love & Sparkles for your amazingness!!

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My picture of money

My picture of money

My picture of money


If I could change My picture of money, and my relationship with it, so can you.

The Money world up until recently has been somewhat more of an internal conflict for me.

It has always been an awkward feeling, I was stagnated in the idea that to deserve money one has to work a lot and really very hard. When not the case then, getting money was an unethical sort of thing!? Like the ‘Easy come, easy go’ kind of thing. Don’t we hear this a lot? Sure, this is what I resonated with,  it did not come easy to me.

For 4 decades and many reasons, finances have always been a struggle. Regardless of how hard I worked, literally to the point of exhaustion. After so many years of it, something had to give,  ended up with a chronic illness. Mental exhaustion for one racked emotionally second and physically ill consequently – in one word – Depleted!

My limiting belief and My picture of money

Ask me ‘why’ we hold onto limiting beliefs about money and I personally can not give you a straight answer.  Money has always been somewhat connected to guilt for me, had to be spent very wisely, certainly not on the ‘wants’ only on the  ‘essential needs’.

I grew up in poverty, due to a civil war, with a bare minimum of everything, and even food was a luxury, by food was a luxury, I mean any food! My work for money exchange began when I was around 14.

Fast forward I’ve been an entrepreneur,  owned medium to small successful businesses along the way, and failures too off course.

Over time I figured therefore that my struggle, after all,  was with “Receiving”! My life experience has actually taught me that we don’t need to be rich money-wise, in order to help others. The act of giving without expectations other than perhaps, ‘being appreciated’ need no words. The act of exchange something for appreciation is not an expectation if you think of it. But more a form of communication beyond words. It is a feeling hard to describe, but it feeds the soul – connects us to our core essence.

My quest is to learn to receive or the least find the balance between:

‘Giving’ as I believe everyone no matter the circumstance, has something to give – always and

‘Receiving’ as I believe now that, it no longer translates as being or not deserving matter.

Receiving anything is a Grace

even though Giving is Divine

(My picture of money )

In short, I’ve come to believe that it is about flow, motion…  rivers flows…  stagnated water is murky, rotten, or perhaps smelly.  So do we “figuratively” that is, in the sense that physical, mental, and emotional stagnation is always devastating to some degree.

Money is no different, it is a currency of exchange keeping it flowing is not unethical in any way, in my opinion now, for as long as it is ethically given & received (as help or earned) – the exchange value must flow between all parties.

I believe that in an exchange of any sort when the offer is sincere, of pure intent, and from the heart, it’s then solid. As solid as when ‘a hand shake’ sealed a deal, days when loyalty, honor did strive for intact integrity for example.

This is the simplest way I could humbly convey the idea of attraction/manifestation, and all I can say is that manifesting something into your lives, such as money, friendships, relationships, love, etc is as simple or complicated as we make it to be.

Kimberly Zapata mentioned “The Secret sold more than 30 million copies—and it’s something that thought leaders, including Deepak ChopraEckhart TolleGabrielle BernsteinIyanla Vanzant, and Oprah have spoken about. (For the record, they all agree that you really can manifest things.)”

‘It was then when I was open-minded that the truth revealed itself

(My picture of money)

It is all a matter of our conditioning through life that sediments and sets up all the preconceived ideas that we have. These are personal and individual overall pictures, in other words, it is “how we each view it”  in short, the “limiting belief system we sustain”.

Cultivating and Nurturing an idea and creating a good relationship, sets everything in motion- the beginning of the whole process if I may say, and so you conceive, fertilize, visualize, then we project and manifest – That is essentially the shift I am talking about, the universe does take care of the rest.

So I came to the conclusion that perhaps the opposite is also true and it is not harder, that we should work, but rather ” “Smarter”. As far as the receiving is concerned it is true for me that ” When we are open to receive, we have more to give”!

My picture of money

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Stay blessed, Stay put, in love, for love, with love & Sparkles for your amazingness!!

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