What is Inner child Self-healing?

Before I go any further about inner child self-healing and attempt to scratch the surface about this self-healing concept, I’ve got to say that back when I could not even truly phantom the deep meaning of it myself, I simply dismissed it as to why would I want to think about that? like “rrrss, ahhgh what a bunch? I sure did and so do many of us.

It wasn’t until many years later that I revisited the subject. While exposing my own shadows to myself wasn’t easy it was certainly both undeniable & surprisingly worth it!

The question is how much do you want some change in your life? By reading this with an open mind and being certain that you’re safe here (there is only you), learning doesn’t take space on our hard drive after all… Be assured that you have nothing to lose other than, perhaps a max of 10 minutes of your time reading it.

There are no good or bad definitions for inner-child in the context I am referring about. The intent and attempt aren’t to define it but rather convey a meaning, a feeling an emotional engagement rather and so I invite you to go a little deeper.


Your Inner child Self-healing insight is the transformation that you desire

I propose that we resurrect our inner joy, and begin looking forward to prolonging our inner contentment fearlessly, free-spiritedly, spontaneously reclaiming our power back, nurturing, and understanding the child within us. It is by helping care for the small version of you that you uncover your own kind of beautiful, no matter who you are or where you are.

Acknowledging your “Inner child” is a pretty fun way of life. The relationship between the two is a life-long term relationship. What kind of relationship do you have with yourself?

inner child self-healing
inner child self-healing
inner child self-healing
inner child self-healing

“You look at her and see the girl,

Who lives inside the golden world,

But don’t believe, that’s all there is to see,

You’ll never know the real me.

She smiles through a thousand tears and harbors adolescent fears,

She dreams of all that she can never be,

She wades in insecurity, and hides herself inside of me.”  By Mariah Carey

Inner child self-healing

From child to adulthood, we evolve or should. We evolve physically, mentally, emotionally, and hopefully spiritually too.

We remember the feelings; memories are made of how we felt when the events occurred. A child that experiences any traumatic events such as a loss of a family member to suicide sexually molested… abused in any way, shape, or form has these memories stored as feelings. The accuracy of the event itself years later is likely blurred, forgotten, the details are lost in time however how you felt back then, not.

These are translated and experienced throughout life such as betrayal, rejection, abandonment, shame, guilt, on it goes regardless of how they’ve been repressed or how the child dissociated.

Life goes on… kids grow up but those feelings never go away; haunt us every so often in one way or another, direct or indirectly, becoming part of who we are; Regardless of the years that go by those memories of insufficiency, inadequacy, abandonment undeniably influences our choices negatively from childhood to adolescence throughout to adulthood. The negative impact throughout life is a fact!

Distorted decisions alter the trajectory that our lives take forever.

Understand this, and your life can change for the better

 Can we heal trauma from childhood?

If we can understand ourselves, our sorrows, pains, instead of resisting and fighting them? Recognizing the internal chaos within and healing it changes completely what we experience externally too.

In order to experience contentment, peace, authenticity healthy self-esteem, self-love we need to change what we think and perceive about ourselves. A good start is by nurturing the child within us.

Inner child self-healing

I know it is possible to heal your inner child blockages because I have and am succeeding at it myself because I wanted to experience life with fewer limiting beliefs, live a more pleasurable, fulfilling, and meaningful life how about you?

Inner child self-healing is to honor the sacredness of our personal experience

To honor the sacredness of every experience we would want to begin “fine-tuning” the frequency of our hearts.

“…going back and healing the little girl in me, so that the woman can be free… going back to the little boy within so that the man can show up and give himself permission to cry when necessary… By Lisa Nichols

inner child self-healing

What is in need of healing

If you would like to explore further continue reading

  • Let repressed memories and emotions resurface,
  • Let the hurting version of you come to its expression who hurt you, what hurts you, why it hurts…?
  • Count on the little brave hero inside to tell you “How and what hurts you most”
  •   Did you as a child starved for confirmation, reassurance, love, approval of any sort or never got any? if so, today you can assure and promise your mini-you, that you will and can take care of things better now than ever before, and that everything will be ok.

If you can break this barrier, you will appreciate the value of digging deeper and nurturing yourself.

Caroline Myss is a five-time New York Times bestselling author and internationally renowned speaker in the fields of human consciousness, spirituality and mysticism, health, energy medicine, and the science of medical intuition. She is fabulous!

Caroline Myss in this video, Choices that can Change your life. The 3 key choices we can make to change our life. 


Hope you have watched it and enjoyed it. If not, I insist you give it a shot only 26 minutes “time well wasted is never wasted time”, you may thank me later.

Practice and apply these concepts, let them talk to you, lack of anything exists when we’re not aligned with our desires and wish-fulfilling. Healing opens the gates of the abundance you seek.

The focus is on your inner being; the basic and ultimate goal is self-love.

” Your Inner child says I see you, please see me too…” 

    Below is a guided meditation – for the beginning of your inner child healing – be brave, nothing is impossible.

If you have any feedback about inner child and self-healing in this context that you’ve tried or any questions about the ones I recommend, please leave your comments below!

Stay blessed, Stay put, in love, for love, with love & Sparkles for your amazingness!!

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