Notes for the Heart

Notes for the Heart

Notes for the Heart is for everyone that is in the in-between stage of something, in the void. Those that long coming out of the closet needing ground, to land on.

Enjoy notes for the heart conversation, companionship. With a  cuppa coffee or tea, a break or indulge in a moment of reflection of some sort if the subject is inviting.

If it pleases you, let the songs of this playlist play as you take some time to relax, enjoy, engage, open-mindedly and in no rush while you read.  Spiritual BazarHeart playlist.

Our physical aspect can be changed cosmetically (not in essence), but can be seen in the mirror, and is easy to describe. Talking about reclaiming, revisiting, reminding, re-connecting even re-wiring with our true selves or Identifying our mental and spiritual nature is a very different matter.

Co-creating with all aspects of our being; the physical, the mental, the emotional in unison. Embracing our true nature can at times sound a little lunatic. But again if being crazy was a norm, the difference is that some just hide their madness better than others.

Let us see ourselves through different lenses just for a moment, shall we?

Everyone’s way of expanding is unique and equally valid, there is no right way or wrong way, seriously.  Re-aligning, re-uniting, connecting the self really is possible.

How? Continue reading

Through the Eyes of the Heart

When I think of myself :

  • What do I see? When I look at myself in a mirror
  • Do I like what I see?
  • Am I beautiful inside and out?
  • What kind of person am I?
  • How do I talk to myself?
  • How do I treat myself?
  • What are the thoughts, feelings I have about myself?

Do all your answers come from your unconditional love space? Nope, not really and not often…sadly so right?

That is the goal, that is the other side of the in-between, when we create the habit of thinking, feeling, seeing ourselves with love, compassion as divine beings.

No one needs to deserve love, love is sufficient for ourselves, those around us double-folded, and more.

The point is that whatever we think, say, feel want has to be created,  nurtured from the space of self-love to blossom. Love is the highest frequency that there is.

When we are in the ‘in-between-space” disconnected we lack. What kind of lack? lack of every kind.

The lack of self-love, self-respect, authenticity, divinity, courage to change what we can, and lack of will to accept what we can’t change. The aspect of us that is often dismissive, disconnected, dissociated, or in denial is the personal madness we conceal or try to conceal.

Emotional dissociation can be a protective mechanism and perhaps it is, however repressing emotions don’t make them disappear, we carry them along with us as memories.

These negative feelings stay frozen in time, behind the veil creating all sorts of assumptions about life, about people; Misled energy that often works to our detriment, affecting  ‘decision making’ and ‘choices’. Illusions.

We dis-serve ourselves, perpetuate feelings of lack, failure,     not enough, not deserving, against the current and still reaching out nowhere but more Lack.

  • Make the decision – take control, take the wheel
  • Let go of what no longer matters or serves you
  • Recognize your limiting beliefs

Change becomes a door to abundance. It is not so much like the ‘process’ that you worry about, the key is in making the decision, all else follows, there is no resistance thereafter because change is what you decide to do and so it unfolds.

While in the one hand, we think we don’t have to deal with trauma because it is too much to handle and time goes by. On the other hand, it remains within like a shadow for lack of a better word, that follows us wherever we go and it does not disappear.

“Dissociation is a break in how your mind handles information. You may feel disconnected from your thoughts, feelings, memories, and surroundings. It can affect your sense of identity and your perception…” WebMD

As life unravels, ups and downs of day to day and challenges come and go, these combined with everything else that we have repressed, become overbearing, frustrating to say the least – we feel overwhelmed and it can lead to serious other illnesses that manifest in the body and so on. The Emotions, thoughts of tragedies of all kinds that we experienced keep coming up, and further trap us in this somewhat void. Although dissociation is at times necessary and important to carry on with life we need to connect and deal with these issues sooner than later to actually heal and live a more fulfilling life.

When we overindulge in it in my opinion we stagnate and struggle to move on, or never actually move on, we live haunted. Just like as when we don’t grief we get no closure. This is also a sort of “in-between” stage example.

The truth is we can get out of this (in-between’s) mode and stage. We can calibrate ourselves from whichever void we are in, wherever our in-between is at, in the context of self-healing.

“…we cannot live the afternoon of life according to the program of life’s morning, for what was great in the morning will be little at evening, and what in the morning was true, at evening will have become a lie.” – Carl Jung

A tragedy is a tragedy, “When greed and courage to do evil get together, it produces scenes of horror “. Paulo A. Lima- Quora

The chaotic thoughts and feelings that we carry freeze us in time. When we engage or stay in this ‘perpetrator/victim’ merry-go-round exercise, we further disconnect from our true selves.

Those that choose to heal, awaken and evolve, need to realize that this loop or cycle only exists because we either engage in or resist it, in some way. Creating resistance of any kind is a form of being engaged by the way at least in this context.

Acknowledging that, the very same things that happen, (the most horrific at times) happened for us to create momentum to purge, release and heal the emotional burden. This is the kind of Misery and Lack that enable self-healing and transformation. The process opens the door, allows and welcomes creativity, expansion, liberation, freedom and the abundance that is intended for us.

Realizing that

  • I don’t ‘become’ the tragedy I’ve experienced;
  • The experience does not define who I become;
  • Because it happened, does not mean it is my fault.
  •  ‘Being’ just me is far more powerful and blessed than morphing into the tragedies I have survived from.

Thoughts and words are very powerful. They have the power to reveal, enlighten, awaken your potential “via what you tell yourself and believe”.

Our thinking-feeling, belief system has just as much power to create harmony as it does chaos, decimating everything and everyone around us, ourselves included like a plague.

Mind Illusions

The mind is the part of the Wizard that creates illusions. The illusion that we see as reality. Reality then the momentum we give to those illusions.

Everything else in-between is illusory reality. Many of us create our lives from this space.

We stagnate in this void in the pursuit of that illusory reality, up until however long it takes to wake up from it – however long. sometimes a lifetime.

Ask yourselves what illusions, (delusions, disillusions) I’ve had or am I experiencing? This is hard to see, sometimes some aspects of it blind us to see the obvious for a reason, usually because they are lessons we need to learn.

When the mind alone rules there is no guidance for where it can take you. When the whole part of a being revolves entirely in the mind, life is ruled by thoughts alone. While a lot can be accomplished we are always right, we know it all.

The Mind compartmentalizes fabulous thoughts too, connecting means depolarise Mind & Emotions. Dr Phill ” Do you want to be right or do you want to be loved”.

You the Wizard of your life, wake up to your power of love, the Bliss of the heart. A pro-active, productive, creative life is a manifestation and expression of Love.

The Master Mind of your destiny seeks perfection endlessly which is not sustainable.

For this chat sake, say Perfect is a “Mind” thing, and Imperfections an “Emotions” thing then.

Our imperfections live in our emotions? What does it gonna do with the mind, we ask. precisely – it disconnects, wants nothing to do with anything imperfect – do you understand what I mean?

The connection is finding balance (fluidly) as a lifestyle. To have balance is to accept both parts of our beings, both polarities as is. Embrace your imperfections the same way you do your perfections. You are your perfect imperfections, denying it and resisting is what disconnects and tears you apart.

“We’re powerless to change what we are not aware of”

We blossom and prosper when positive thoughts – align with positive emotions that align with the expression of our Desires.

Notes for the Heart: I am deserving

We manifest and create more of this when we believe it. In this illusion/reality, your focus is on your own potential to grow the seed within, then nurture with love and appreciation. When we’re humbled and grateful heartedly we reside in the abundant mindset.

Honesty, authenticity, loyalty, respect, gratitude, trust, is cultivated from within and it is a lifestyle. It is this knowledge of ourselves, that defines us. Not what others say, think or do to us.

The kind of relationship that you maintain with yourself determines the level of Emotional Expansion you experience in your life.

Notes for the Heart: I am enough

Humor me and imagine the emotional as a Storage, Container or bank account of all the energetic thoughts-feelings, this is your particular collection… what does it look like? What does it have and how much?

  • How full or empty, is it? or is it somewhere in between?
  • How many great, fabulous positive feelings-thoughts are there?
  • How many are hoarded, revenge, envy, angry, hurtful and negative?

Give it some thought,  if you seek to have an idea of where you are at, we need this awareness to make adjustments or transform. So the question is, are we in need of a good spring cleaning, letting go, recycling and closure?  What needs to go, what has to be released in order to create space for your personal growth, expansion and connection?

You can plan, make the decision and act on it precisely because you are enough, you have what it takes, your internal set-up is already programmed for whatever it is that you choose to do. You make the choices and have the free will to act on them. You just need to figure out what you have enough of, what you want that you don’t have, and what you have and don’t want. You have to know what you don’t want, to create the momentum towards you, the you that you want to be.

Inner Child Love & CareMessage to the heart

Fine-tunning yourself to the frequency of your true self,  “see” and engage with what is called ” your inner child”.

“You look at her and see the girl, Who lives inside the golden world, But don’t believe, that’s all there is to see, You’ll never know the real me. She smiles through a thousand tears And harbors adolescent fears, She dreams of all that she can never be, She wades in insecurity, and hides herself inside of me.”     By Mariah Carey

Invite the little boy or girl that is you for a chat, the child inside of you, the small version of you ( an example of time with thyself). The age that matters in this exercise is any that you identify with emotionally and in need of healing.

Dissociation starts in childhood too as a safety mechanism and this exercise may help you figure out what weighs you down and is in need of healing.

  • Let repressed memories and emotions resurface,
  • Let the hurting version of you come to expression,
  • Let the brave little hero inside tell you “How it feels or felt then and what hurts most” then, and now.
  • Assure, that you can now take care of things and that everything is going to be ok. You can spend as much time together as you wish. As often as you may.

Caroline Myss in this video: Choices that can Change your life, she talks about 3 key choices people can make to change their life.

Caroline Myss is a five-time New York Times bestselling author and internationally renowned speaker in the fields of human consciousness, spirituality and mysticism, health, energy medicine, and the science of medical intuition.

Hope you have watched it and enjoyed it. If not I insist you give it a shot 26 minutes (time well wasted is never wasted time), you may thank me later.

Makes you think right? connect some dots? Jaw-dropping.

Practice and apply this concept as often, let it talk with the areas that are in lack of something, anything that is not aligned with your wish fulfillment. Healing brings harmony to the abundance that we seek.

The basic principle and the ultimate goal is self-love. The focus is on our inner being.

Dr. Andrea Pennington speaks globally to reduce the stigma and support people on their journey to overcoming trauma and embracing authentic living.  My Journey to Self Love

Great right? I loved it!

In the healing arena who we think we are, is often unclear, somewhat fogged, lost, misrepresented, and confusing for some of us, for all the reasons we already know and make us unhappy lacking beings.

Our answers hold the insight for the transformation that we desire

Questioning ourselves however challenging and awkward it may feel is the way to get the answers we want from our hearts, questions are the triggers that spark Self-healing, Self-Love, and Emotional Intelligence.

Talk to your heart, then silence everything… and listen to your heart’s reply.

This ANCIENT Technique To Making Tough Decisions | Gregg Braden – listen to it here is so simple, yet so powerful.

Stay blessed, Stay put, in love, for love, with love & Sparkles for your amazingness!!

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