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Empower others, through their Journey.

We all have a personal story, experiences to share, that can direct or indirectly impact someone else´s life. With that in mind, my intent is to share with you content that leads you to a deeper sense, meaning, and purpose on your spiritual awakening journey.

There are endless techniques and alternative modalities available that are popular around the world which can definitely empower and transform the independent spiritual seeker. I call it “Bazar” precisely because of the diversity it implies.

The idea is to bring to you content that is informational, healing, fun, exciting, uplifting that I recommend. There are definitely many treasures to explore, music playlists, books, websites, videos to just mention a few. All this work is created by the most, tender-hearted, compassionate, kind, generous advanced souls (people) that truly care and share their knowledge to our benefit. I refer and or link you to the info, channels, websites, as in one way or another they have crossed my path and have had a positive and great impact at times on who I am today. Have you heard of the principle that “one candle does not lose its brightness for lighting another”?

So have a look around and discover more about yourself, your potential, your beautiful essence which is ultimately who you truly are, and let it just flourish.

“Be yourself, the Gift that leads others to become the best they can be. Be yourself, the change you would like to see in the heart of others. Just be YOU and inspire others!

Spread your wings, spread the light that is within you” and yours shall shine even bigger & brighter every single time.

I dedicate the song below to YOU -With Love


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About Tania

First of all, a big thank you and welcome for being here – Body, Mind & Spirit Bazar Website.

Tania grew up during the 15+ year-long Mozambican political cold war and every possible limitation attached to it. A civil war that brought poverty, hunger, death to soo many. Her question about the meaning of life began 28 years ago when she lost her father to suicide at the age of 14, just before the end of the civil war, the (GPA) General Peace Agreement between the political parties Frelimo and Renamo, Oct 1992, and nothing then, made any sense to her.

At the age of 14/15, she got her first job.  Life turned upside down when she lost someone really close to her heart, the most loving and caring human being she had the blessing to have me, to Leukemia.

At 20 Tania got married, and as time went by, had 4 children, yet another loss, her baby. Needless to say, that it was an experience and a half as anyone may perhaps imagine;

At 34  a nasty divorce, and she’s been a single mother of 3, ever since.  Along the way, there have been a few more traumatic ordeals in her life, from being set up to face the idea and consequences of deportation, being stalked, to losing her business to a Super Con-Artist that, left her further crippled financially while he ” disappeared into thin air “.

While navigating through these experiences, and from all learned lessons, the hardest but by far the most rewarding was and is learning to be the best Mum to her 3 children as well a the only provider that she could possibly be!

She believes that her life is far from being the hardest, to know it, she says: ‘I just have to look around me, so… in short, this is the very reason  I am showing up here after all!’ She has lived through so much in the short span of her lifetime.

What a ride I must say, and so this is her, pleased to meet you.

Just the way you are

You are beautiful just the way you are,
You don’t need to be a superstar.
Don’t think you need to be someone else,
Because you brighten up this world by just being yourself.Just the sparkle in your eyes,
And that amazing smile.
Can make someone feel joyful,
And things are so wonderful. Even when you say hello,
The mood becomes mellow.
Being yourself is cool,
It isn’t about being who you’re not and acting like a fool. You all make me feel alive,
Even when I seem to have lost my light.
You make it come through,
By just being you! People like you make this world worth living in,
With all the laughter you bring.
Just the way you are,
Makes everything much better by Nell
posted on 08/15/2010 Read more about Just the way you are – Poem by Nell by members.poemofquotes.com
Stay blessed, Stay put, in love, for love, with love & Sparkles for your amazingness!!


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